Our history

  • 1910 – JohSjö is formed. “Sale of supplies for paper mills, abrasives and cellulose mills”
  • 1975 – JohSjö Industri AB is formed
  • 2007 – JohSjö System AB is formed on the initiative of JohSjö Industri and EMI
  • 2009 – JohSjö Industri AB is certified according to ISO 3834-2 and ISO 9001
  • 2010 – IndustriAutomatik Norrköping AB is acquired
  • 2013 – All companies at one and the same address
  • 2014 – JohSjö Group is formed
  • 2016 – EMI is acquired by JohSjö Group
    2016 – The entire JohSjö Group is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 140001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001: 2007

Customer focus

  • We are responsive and is constantly evolving to meet customer needs
  • We’re easy to deal with
  • We’re following up the delivery and learn until next time
  • 2009 – JohSjö Industri AB is certified according to ISO3834-2 and ISO9001
  • “No order too big for our capacity, none too small for our full interest” – Johan Sjö, 1910


  • We take personal responsibility for our work
  • We’re honest to each others
  • We have the courage to take the tough decisions

Team spirit

  • Our different competences completes each others and everyone is important
  • We will be there for each others
  • We’re co-operating with the customers to get the best results
  • We behave loyally and show respect toward providers, customers and to each others
  • Dare to ask


  • We date to try new solutions and welcome new ideas
  • We change creative thoughts with each others
  • We create a creative and challenging environment
  • We dare to accept deals that is beyond our comfort zone
  • Nothing is impossible – “How hard could it be”


  • We’re having fun while working
  • Work is a part of life
  • We dare to be approachable
  • We are prestigeless
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